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Tuesday Patch = Make it or Break it!

Discussion in 'Guild Information' started by Santeer, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Santeer

    Santeer New Member Acolyte

    The game is at a make it or break it point for me.

    The system stability and continued decrease in FPS every time I log in has worn my patience thin.

    I have enjoy what little time I have had with you all both in game and Discord. So while if Tuesday doesn't bring me my Christmas Miracle then I will be done with Bless but not the Acolytes. I will just have to find adventures with you all in other games :)

    Kill some chickens, cross your fingers...and anything else you can think of that may save this game!
  2. FatGoat

    FatGoat Administrator Mod Council NSFW REV Officer Acolyte Legend ESO REV SC CU BDO Acolyte

    Roger that Santeer!! There are about 10 of us still playing at the moment. Things have gotten better a bit with class balance. They added the Royals quests, so gold is a bit easier to come by now. And for sure, we will always be in future games as well :)

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