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Patch Notes | November 29 | Part 1

Discussion in 'Black Desert Online General' started by Tinc, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Tinc

    Tinc Administrator Council BDO Officer Acolyte Legend BDO Acolyte

    Set sail! Epheria Frigate is finally here. Armed with cannons on a sturdy body strong enough to face gargantuan naval monsters, have an Epheria Frigate in your docks. In addition, Epheria Frigate Events will enhance your naval adventures. If you are not fit for sea, the Conqueror Mammore Event and Sweet Cookie O’ Mine Event will delight your adventures on foot! Bite into delicious chocolate cookies while hunting down a real grizzly and furry colossus.



    • Open Up the Sea Gate, Epheria Frigate Event and Guide have been added
    • 1. Event #A: Gather [Event] Serbianca’s Vouchers
    • Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/20 Before Maintenance
    • You can obtain [Event] Serbianca’s Voucher (x1~x3) while Gathering all around the world of Black Desert.
    • Go to NPC Serbianca in Trent and exchange [Event] Serbianca’s Voucher x2 for Log x1.
    • You can exchange Logs from Serbianca until 12/27/2017 (09:00 UTC).
    • 2. Event #B: Collect Knowledges of the World Underwater!
    • Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance
    • What to do: Discover 5 of the 7 points of interest and gain their Knowledge to earn rewards
    • Event Prize: Design: Epheria Frigate x2 and Jade Coral Ingot x5
      • The rewards will be sent via in-game mail in a future maintenance.
    • 3. Guide : Epheria Frigate
    • Learn how you can craft your own Epheria Frigate and check the materials you’ll need.
    • Click < Here > to see these events in detail and receive aid in crafting your own frigate!
    • Underwater Exploration Screenshot Event has been added.
      • Submission Date: November 29th - December 13th
      • Staff Pick: December 14th - 17th
      • Winner Announcement: December 18th
      • Click < Here > to see the screenshot event in detail. Snap!
    • Conqueror of Earth, Mammore Event has been added
      • Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/06 Before Maintenance
      • Mammore will bite, scratch, howl and inflict heavy damage so make sure to read its attack pattern. When it hides into the ground however, it is invincible.
      • Mammore will spawn in random servers (min. 5 servers to max. 6 servers) and will disappear after 30 minutes since its appearance.
      • Mammore can only receive damage if attacked with a [Hunting] Matchlock so make sure to have one handy.
      • Click < Here > to see this vehement event in detail.

    • Sweet Cookie O’ Mine Event has been added.
      • Period for Challenges (Y): 11/30 00:00 UTC ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance
        • Play 30 minutes every day and receive [Event] Cookie x5
        • Play 60 minutes every day and receive [Event] Marshmallow x1
        • Perform Imperial Cuisine with [Event] Cookie x5 + [Event] Marshmallow x1 to make [Event] Chocolate Cookie x1
        • Right-click to obtain random items by opening [Event] Chocolate Cookie
    • Period of Drop: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance
      • Fish/Gather/Defeat monsters during the event period to obtain [Event] Cookies and [Event] Marshmallows.
      • Click < Here > to see this delicious event in detail.
    • Attendance Reward (Refreshed)
      • Period: 11/29 00:00 ~ 1/3/2018 23:59 UTC
      • Log-in daily and receive your attendance rewards.
    • Let it Snow! Winter-themed Background
      • Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 1/31 09:00 UTC
      • Winter has come to Black Desert Online. Enjoy the snow snow snow!.


    • If you use Escape while doing a quest that teleports you to certain places, you will be moved back to the quest starting point and be able to play other content.
    • Even if the area the character enters is not fully loaded, the character should now be able to move around within the loaded area.
    • Even when pets follow the character, they will pick-up loots as priority.
    • If the pet is too far away in distance in terms of height, it will teleport next to the character. For example if you jump off the cliff of Sausan Garrison, your pet will teleport next to you after you land.
    • You can no longer mute Video Guides


    • Fighting Centaurus NPCs have been added to Barhan Gateway.
    • Heidel General Goods Vendor Lara will sell Lanterns now.

    • Mounts of non-participants can easily be destroyed (killed) by the guild mounts in siege servers during siege wars.
    • Adjusted the damage difference of summons dealing excessive damage than proportioned when attacking Hwacha, Flame Tower, Wooden Fence, Wooden Fence Gate, and Mounts.
      • Summoned attacks include Blade of Darkness of the Sorceress, Cartian's Protection (Black Spirit’s Rage 100%), Gorr, Tett/Marg of the Wizard/Witch, Flow: Arne’s skills, and Luscious Snare and Trap of Vedir of the Dark Knight besides the Heilang and Echo Spirit.
    • The durability of Wooden Fence and Wooden Fence Gate for siege war has been reduced by 20%.
    • Skill EXP boost buff has been added as a reward for [Combat Reward] Challenges.
      • This reward is not an option, but an additional effect accompanying the Combat EXP buff.
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger I
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger II
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger III
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger IV
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V
        • [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger VI

    • The Max HP of Tier 1-8 horses has been increased 200-300%, depending on the tier and type.
    • The Max HP of Dream Horses has been increased 300-400%, depending on the type.
    • The DP of a Dream Horse is 150% higher compared to that of its Tier 8 counterpart.
    • The DP of Diné has been in increased to 150% higher than that of Arduanatt.
    • The Cooldown of Earth of Life, Diné’s Inherent Skill, has been changed from 5 to 3 minutes.
    • The HP and MP(WP/SP) Recovery effects of Earth of Life, Diné’s Inherent Skill, have been increased.

    • The effect “All AP +10 for 30 sec.” has been added to Earth of Protection, Diné’s Inherent Skill.
    • The Imperial Delivery and Horse Market prices of Tier 1-8 horses have been increased up to 50% depending on the tier, level, and skills.
    • The Imperial Delivery and Horse Market prices of Dream Horses have been increased up to 20% depending on the level and skills.
    • Tier and Gender filters on the Horse Market will be revealed with left alignment from now.
    • The Max HP Increase effect of the gears for horse and camel has been increased 300%.

    • Some monsters on top of the fort of Sausan Garrison have been rearranged.
      • Safety Zone will be more accessible.
    • The Margoria Phantom Ship’s Durability has been decreased to be 95% of the previous Durability.
    • The Margoria Phantom Ship will not summon the Spectre of Margoria anymore.


    • The tooltip “All Quests” has been added to the first button of Black Spirit’s quest filters.
    • If an item supports Choosing Enhancement Type, it should work properly now.
    • Fixed the issue where line space of certain item descriptions was bigger than usual.
    • Now Space will not work as a shutter for Portraits if Beauty Album or file explorer is open in the Beauty screen (F4).
    • Fixed the issue that prompted the message “Guild does not exist” to players without guilds after loading.
    • Fixed the issue where the Imperial Delivery icon did not appear in Trade Item purchase screen.
    • Texts Incentive, Deposit, and Collect Money on the bottom of Guild Member Status Window will now be abbreviated and the tooltip will show the actual words.
    • Skill Window will stretch according to fit the text length.
    • The 3 buttons of New Story window has been augmented in size.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017

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