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Greetings fellow Acolytes!!

Can you all believe that within the next few weeks it will be the year 2008??? I first of all would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays from the Acolytes! We all know what 2008 brings and that would be the next best mmo ever to grace this wonderful earth! Overall I feel very satisified with the direction of the guild and where we currently stand. In almost three short months we all shall grace the land of Hyboria with our presence. I feel very strong that when we all get in game the world of Hyboria will never be the same!

As always I will touch on a few things that I think are necessary for everyone to know about and things you may want to know about the future of the Acolytes. We are sitting in at 247 members and it seems that recruitment is still going strong. We of course will not know our true numbers until we are all actually in game. When we reach that point we will assess our status and determine if we will need to close recruitment...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is November 15th and we are only 4 months away until the release of Age of Conan!! As you all know we have a great group of people here within the Acolytes and I feel safe to say that people have already developed friendships and the game has not even been released yet! With only 4 months until release the Erudites and I have been trying to fill out as many Enlightened roles that we possibly can at this time. We want to congratulate Rocc on being promoted to Erudite! We also want to congratulate Avery, Uthous, and Spydervenom on being promoted to Enlightened! Avery is our ~~Ambassador of the Acolytes~~. This role will serve as a primary contact for any guilds that would want to get in contact with or stay in contact with us via Alliance's or any other community situations. They will also keep in touch with guilds in our current alliance via their forums and/or in game. When we get in game we will probably add at least one more Ambassador. We may be...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!
It is that time of the month again! Yet another month down before the release of Age of Conan! This month has had some good information about the game which is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. It is good that Funcom is actually releasing real information about the game, but some of the information isn't all that great. I will get into that in a little bit.

As always I would like to start off with some positive things we are seeing here within the guild. Our numbers continue to grow and what is even better is that the new members seem to be VERY active around the forums which only strengthens the ties we have to each other in this guild. I do realize that at times the anticipation for the game might just be too much and you might wonder why am I in a guild before the game has even launched? Well by joining the Acolytes before the game has launched has given us an outstanding opportunity to get to know one another before the game has even launched...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is that time again to address the guild as a whole for the month of September. As all of you know there isn't anything incredibly exciting coming from the Funcom camp. There was a game convention in Leipzig and then there was also Dragoncon which produced some never before seen guild pvp seiging video's which were very refreshing to see! It is good to see that the game is in very good condition and hopefully those beta invites will start flowing sometime soon! For all of those that don't visit our forums very often you can always keep up to date on what is happening with the game within in our awesome News Section! There are various people within the guild that keep that area up to date. We are still not sure how Ksberge does it! But, here is the link to our news section if you haven't been there in a while http://www.the-acolytes.com/forum/fo...play.php?f=153 .

If any of you are interested in detailed class skills, spells, combos, stats,...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is that time again to address the guild as a whole for the month of August. At this time last month I was hoping I was going to be talking about more AOC details like what server name we will be on and so forth. But, if you all have not heard by now, AoC has been delayed until March 28th 2008. Most of us are dissapointed which is understandable. This is the 4th pushback of the game and we are hoping it is the very last. The Game Director who is Gaute Godager is a great guy and he says he doesn't want to delay it anymore then the next person, but he felt it was necessary for the good of the game. You can read his full article explaining the pushback here http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?p=890912 . Which hopefully means that they are going to start being more leniant on beta invites in the coming weeks. It is what it is and the Acolytes are going to be here to play Age of Conan when it comes out for years to come, that you can be...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is that time again for my State of the Acolytes address for July 15th 2007. We move one month closer to the launch of AoC which is slated for October 30th 2007. I like to do these once a month overview's of how the guild is progressing to let everyone know what is going on within the Acolytes and where we would like to head in the future. I will go over many things, but of course I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible.

First of all within this past month we have made our FINAL forum move, we swear! Drakus has purchased the awesome forum software vBulletin which is a very professional forum software. It can do everything we could ever ask out of our forums which is nice. You can of course access our forums through our main website of http://www.the-acolytes.com or you can access them direct at http://www.the-acolytes.com/forum . As with all forum move's we might have missed some...
Greetings everyone!
It is that time again! Time for the monthly state of the guild address! We are roughly 4 months away from launch! I can tell everyone is getting excited by the activity on our forums. Since launch is only 4 months away that means the open beta is coming really soon! Since I am on the subject I suggest everyone visit this link and send an email to Funcom. They are having a random drawing for 200 beta spots. The contest runs until July 1st! This is the link to the information http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=28283 The more Acolytes in the beta the better!

For those of you that have been visiting our forums lately at www.the-acolytes.com/portal you have noticed we still have a steady stream of new members coming in. We are very excited to welcome our newest members and we are confident that we will be successful in whatever we decide to do in AoC. It is always a good feeling to know that you...
First of all, thank you all for taking the time to read this. I thought that it would be a good idea that I address the guild as a whole once a month until the game releases. When we get closer and closer to release there will be plenty of topics, like which particular server name we should join etc, that we will have to iron out before release.

As of writing this we have 251 members within the Acolytes. We have grown so much since our guild creation! Through various forum posts it seemed there were quite a few people that were concerned that we may grow to large to quickly. My stance is that we will continue to recruit new quality members until the game has been released. Once we are in game we will have a great idea of who is still wanting to be in the guild and take part of this awesome experience we are going to have within AoC. Once in game we are definately going to make the recruitment process stricter as we deem necessary. We want to provide our members with the best...