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Acolytes Gaming


We now have our own 125 person Mumble Server. We have partnered with CommandChannel.com to make this happen. CommandChannel reached out to me and wanted us to spread the word about their Mumble hosting as they recognized us having a large footprint within the MMO Gaming world/communities and could help grow their business. To read about the hardware they use and the network they utilize you can find that information here http://commandchannel.com

"Founded in 2009, we decided to specialize in one area that is very important to the online gaming community: Voice communication!

The founders have been part of the gaming community for a decade, and have participated with many clans/guilds and organizations. They found that finding reliable hosting was always a challenge. Not only for voice services, but for...

It is that time of the year again where we dig into our pockets and do something for the greater good. Over the years we have raised $6000+ for various charitable organizations. We started with a charity drive to Child's Play in 2009, then Susan B. Komen for the Cure in 2010 and just last year we donated to Extra Life.

This year we will be donating the money that the members of the Acolytes give to Feed the Children (www.feedthechildren.org).

About Feed the Children: http://www.feedthechildren.org/site/...=org_about_ftc

Because we are an International community we will be donating to Feed the Children's International program (http://www.feedthechildren.org/site/..._intl_programs).

All donations go directly into our PayPal account and are then donated to...

Hello my fellow Acolytes! It has been a while since I have reached out to the entire community and I do apologize for that. There have been many things that have happened over the course of this year in not only mine, but many of your lives as well. As you can see our community is as strong as it ever has been. That is a true testament to the foundation that was laid as time went on and just emphasizes what I have been saying for years. This community is larger then any one person and YOU the members are what make this community thrive, grow, excel and at the end of the day, FUN. We have many people that have forged lasting bonds and friendship over the years and it is great to see new faces each day wanting to be part of this great tradition.

My goal for us as a community this year was to partake in five MMO's at the same time and be at the top of each of those games, just...
Greetings my fellow Acolytes,
The year is coming to and end, but another chapter in the Acolyte community is just beginning. As everyone knows the launch of Star Wars is only a few weeks away and things are shaping up nicely for an enjoyable launch. It is pretty important that you have read the stickies and FAQs about the Star Wars launch in our forums. There will be an aswer there for any question you may have. Cach has done an excellent job preparing his crew for a good launch and you the members will make our name known in the game like we have done with AoC, War, MO, Rift in the past.

The Age of Conan division is still rolling along after all these years and the dedication and community we have in that game is simply awesome. Rift is also doing well. We are still bringing in new recruits and are still progressing through Hammerknell. Once Star Wars launches we are going to assess the server situations within Rift. We are anticipating that the game, Rift itself, will take a hit...
My fellow Acolytes,

The summer has ended. I am sure everyone had a busy and eventful summer. We approach fall and then winter as it draws closer and closer to the end of the year. 2011 has been a great year for the Acolyte community. We had the introduction of our new website, domain and forums. The work that Cach, Ryan and others have put into the new site will help set and build the foundation for our community over the future years. I cannot stress enough how valuable of a tool these forums can be to create blogs, post, read, take advantage of information for not only the community itself, but for your branch as well. Our members are our strongest asset of this community and having a lively and super active forum is a plus and a necessity as we look to enter more and more games in the future. Another bright side of 2011 was the creation of the Rift branch within the Acolytes. We have added so many new members to our community and to this day continue to do so. The goal of our...
Hello to all my fellow Acolytes!

As you can all see we have settled into our new site and forums very nicely. Our community continues to grow and there is no better time to be an Acolyte. You all know we do not shout in global channels for recruitment and almost all of you are here through word of mouth or based on our reputation alone. That speaks volumes for the quality of not only players, but human beings behind those screens and keyboards. There have been many friendships created over the years with people that you probably would have never met in your lifetime. This year is a little more special then most as we will have our first Acolyte marriage of Tacia and Mayhem. So we wish them both the best of luck and a happy and long gaming life together.

We have two great branches running at the moment and both are doing phenomenal in each game. Our AoC branch is dominating all PVE that there is to have in AoC and in record run times as well. In PVP our AoC branch had a tremendous...
This year seems to be flying by at an epic pace. It is already September and as always we Acolytes have kicked alot of ass in every MMO we are in. That trend will definately not slow down as the anxiously awaited Aion launches this month on the 20th of September. Kiiwii and his officers have done an amazing job of setting up everything that needs to be in place for a perfect launch. We are looking at 30+ members joining Aion at launch. I have the utmost confidence that all of you will carry on the quality the people thoughout the MMO world expect from our Acolyte community.

Pretty much the status quo as always. This is where we have set our standard that we like to see carried on into every mmmo we enter. The goals I have put forth for this month have pretty much already been shattered in record time. Siege wise we have already taken down CoI's T3 PVP keep and are going to help Imperium take down OSD's T3 Keep tomorrow night. We have already taken down Chatha and Levi...
Greetings my fellow Acolytes! It is July and it is turning out to be a great summer for the Acolyte community. We have had some great updates within the community with announcing the branch lead's for Aion and Mortal Online which are sure to be awesome games within their own right's. Cach has always done an awesome job with our site and forums and has continued to do so time and time again with our forums. The work he does is definately under appreciated so next time you see him, just let him know that you appreciate the work that he put's forth in our community to make it what it is.

We do have a merchandise store setup currently and CafePress and it will probably change in the future. But, if you are dying to get some Acolyte gear from shirts to thongs you can find the link in the following thread http://forums.the-acolytes.com/showthread.php?t=2648 . I would also just like to take this time to remind everyone we do have a red Donate button on the top of our forums....
It is finally 2009 and this is only the beginning of another great year in Acolytes history. I am very pleased with the status of the guild over these years. In 2008 we took Age of Conan and Warhammer by storm and this year we are looking to take Aion by storm as well. Star Wars: Old Republic is still a ways away, but if we continue our Acolyte style we will be a force to be reckoned with there as well. I would just like to take this brief moment to remind members that if you or your friends think you can or would like to create a branch of the Acolytes in an MMO that already exists or one that will exist in the future please feel free to contact me and we will discuss the options and see what we can do.

With that being said everyone knows by now that our entire goal of the Acolytes was to create a friendly community of like minded people that loved to play MMO's and video games in general. We are always here to create bonds between people that we hope will last for years and...
Greetings Acolytes!
It is September and what a great time to be an Acolyte! We are only a few short days away from the launch of Warhammer Online and our Acolyte Branch is going to rock the world of WAR like no other! Within our AoC branch we are currently THE guild to beat on the Cimmeria server out in the dangerous lands of Kheshetta. Recently we have had 3-4 guilds work together to try and take on the Acolytes. After starting this guild years ago this is exactly where I was hoping we would be at this point. Cach is doing a wonderful job heading up the WAR branch as everyone within that branch knows.

I always wanted this to be a community of people that loved MMO's and we have really picked up some great down to earth people to enjoy these games with. Anyone getting on our Vent server will see this, we have people from both branches conversing all the time. With that being said I know that every member within our guild will not like every game that we support as time goes on....