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Acolytes Gaming

This months Acolyte Member Spotlight is Eragus. Eragus is an officer in our Acolyte Elder Scrolls Online Chapter. Our Elder Scrolls Online Chapter has had it's ebb and flow since launch, but has been very active over the past months.

There is a new Update 12, named One Tamriel, that has been released. One Tamriel takes a great game and makes it even better by increasing the number of other players that you can group, guild, and play with by an enormous amount. By dropping Alliance and level-grouping barriers, you will now be able to adventure with many new friends starting today. And, of course, you will be able to go wherever you want as the game no longer restricts your location based on level.

If you were thinking about giving Elder Scrolls Online another try, now seems like a great time to do so. Our Acolytes Elder Scrolls Online Chapter is very...

Another Chapter in the Acolytes history was created two weeks ago with the release of Revelation. Revelation offers various PVP/PVE modes and experiences. There is an importance of being in a guild to provide buffs and various other benefits as you continue to build and grow your guild's city. We will experience all that Revelation has to offer with a focus on PVE dungeons, raiding and guild city growth and enhancement.

With the PVE Raid sizes being 10 and 20 person raids we have gone with the approach of progressing together as a guild to complete dailies and slowly recruit new members as time goes on. We want to make sure all of our members are able to Raid if they wish. Our members have done an amazing job these first two weeks and are excited to add new members as time goes on within Revelation.

You can read about our Acolytes progress in Revelation...

One of our consistent goals over the years has been to provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for Acolytes to enjoy the games they enjoy playing with fellow Acolytes. We also need to prepare and plan for the future as well to grow and mature as a community as new games come out. We also like to look outside the gaming world and do various things like making a difference with fundraisers, having an Acolyte apparel and accessories shop, and hopefully other things we haven't even thought of yet.

I would like to announce that we have created the "Acolyte Community Council". This is a community leadership core to assist FatGoat in making decisions along with suggestions, directions, ideas regarding the Acolytes Gaming community. FatGoat will ask the council their thoughts on a situation, goal, etc and he will then make his decision based on their feedback. We feel this is a good mix of old and new blood within the...
Acolytes has a long history of success while maintaining a fun atmosphere for people to enjoy games with like minded people. Those that play certain games will know some Acolytes better than others. We are looking to reach a little deeper to share some of our members thoughts on various games and questions, so our community can get to know those that may not play the same game as you. At the end of the day, no matter what game you play, we are all Acolytes!

Our first Acolyte Member Spotlight is our Black Desert Online Chapter Leader, Dheth. You will find our Acolyte Member Spotlights here on our forums http://www.acolytesgaming.com/index.php?forums/acolyte-member-spotlight.48/ . The Acolyte Member Spotlights will continue as we look to spotlight members from all over our Acolyte community! We are also posting the Acolyte Member Spotlights on our Public Facebook page. If you haven't already, go give us a Like!...

There has been no better time to be an Acolyte! Summer of 2016 has been exciting and we have had a lot of great people join our long standing community.

It is hard to believe that we have been around as a gaming community for almost 12 years now. There have been sooo many great times, stories and friendships forged over the years.

We have community members in every corner of the globe; from the Pacific coast of the US, to the United Kingdom, to Turkey and all the way over to Australia and New Zealand. We are a diverse group of individuals that come from varied backgrounds, cultures and jobs. We claim many armed service men and women, a penthouse model, a web designer, a graphic artist, a Secret Service agent, stay-at-home mom’s and dad’s, factory workers, auto workers, a disc jockey, supervisors, plant managers, salesmen, drug counselors, underwriters, stock brokers, students and the unemployed. Each one of them...

Our community embarks on another chapter in our long history. Acolytes will be an active part of the upcoming, highly anticipated, Black Desert Online. The game is slated to launch in either February or March of 2016.

With launch only a few months away we have already started building our core infrastructure of the guild. Rhavon will be the Chapter Leader in Black Desert Online. Read a bit about Rhavon's gaming history and his thoughts on the upcoming release of Black Desert Online. No matter if you have been an Acolyte for ten years or have recently joined, if you have the desire or feel you can contribute to the overall well being of the guild as an officer type in BDO then please contact Rhavon via PM here on our forums.

He is in the process of finding a few officers to help him run the Acolytes guild in various aspects. Together we shall achieve great things in...

We have always been about quality over quantity. We have always been leaders in the MMO gaming genre, not followers. We have always taken pride in being ahead of the "pack" when it comes to new technology that will make gaming and interacting easier for our wonderful community. Discord will consolidate many services we currently use into one! Discord is an all in one voice and text chat. It is free and there are no limits on the size of our server! It is accessible through a web browser, mobile app's for your phone and a desktop client.

This will eliminate the need for our Slack service as Discord does everything Slack does and way easier to invite people to it. This will eliminate the need for TeamSpeak3 as Discord does everything TeamSpeak3 does, including setting peoples volumes if they are to low or to high, security controls that allows us to create different groups to handle...

We are always trying to provide options for our members to enjoy end game content in the games you love with like minded people. Another chapter in the history books of the Acolytes continues in Everquest 2!

Everquest 2 recently started a Time Locked Expansion server this past July. The name of the server is Stormhold. That means the server starts with no expansion packs. The game is like it was when it originally launched. Every 30 days there is a poll that the players in the game vote on whether to advance to the next Expansion pack in the game.

The Chapter leader for the Acolytes in EverQuest 2 is Ucala. His main officer is Alistor. Together they have already created a phenomenal raiding guild. The entire group of people are awesome and we welcome them into the Acolyte community. If you have ever wanted to enjoy Everquest 2 from the beginning and wanted to experience each raid...

The next Chapter in Acolyte history has arrived! Camelot Unchained is the highly anticipated game that requires skill and effort, not an open wallet. It is created by the same person who brought you Dark Age of Camelot, Mark Jacobs. Our Camelot Unchained chapter will be lead by Icedern. He is a great and tenured player, but more importantly a great all around guy who has a passion for Dark Age of Camelot and now the Camelot Unchained world! We have the utmost confidence that Icedern, his team and our members will make a great name for the Acolytes in Camelot Unchained.

Although Camelot Unchained will not release for some time, we felt it was vital to start building our core and continue to expand on that core so we are fully prepared to hit launch like a tsunami. Keep an active eye on our Camelot...

According to their Facebook information, The MMOG Museum promotes the preservation of cultural heritage in virtual video game societies.

It appears they have chosen to preserve one of our accomplishments in their preservation of cultural heritage in virtual video game societies.

I think this recognition speaks volumes of where we have been and where we are going as a community. Acolytes always has been and always will be bigger then any one person. It is you, the members, that keep things great around here. Please go favorite and/or post something on that Twitter post they made to show our appreciation!