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What is the Acolyte Community Council and who is in it?

One of our consistent goals over the years has been to provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for Acolytes to enjoy the games they enjoy playing with fellow Acolytes. We also need to prepare and plan for the future as well to grow and mature as a community as new games come out. We also like to look outside the gaming world and do various things like making a difference with fundraisers, having an Acolyte apparel and accessories shop, and hopefully other things we haven't even thought of yet.

I would like to announce that we have created the "Acolyte Community Council". This is a community leadership core for any current or future Acolyte community decisions, suggestions, directions, ideas that need to be discussed. We feel this is a good mix of old and new blood within the community. I respect each and every one of their opinions and I think it is good that we have a diverse group to continue the growth of the Acolytes as a whole over time.

I want to make it clear, we want and still encourage everyone's opinion and suggestions on what they would like to see happen within the Acolyte community. Do not ever stop giving your suggestions on what you would like to see the Acolytes doing going forward. The Acolyte Community Council will have a different color in Discord and we encourage you all to contact any of them at any time on what you think would be a good idea, suggestion, or direction for the Acolyte Gaming community.

The 9 members of the Council are

Together, there is no ceiling on what our gaming community can achieve. We want to thank each and every one of you that log in each night to the game that you enjoy and help make the Acolytes Gaming community a fun and entertaining atmosphere to be in!
Acolyte Leadership
Apr 14, 2017
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