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What is HAROO?

If you are part of the Acolytes you will hear a few terms used quite often. HAROO and DBH are long standing traditions that have carried on through the ages! The Urban Dictionary definition can be found HERE. Please feel free to thumb UP our terms on Urban Dictionary. We were very tired of the age old WOOT from previous MMO's. We wanted to create something a bit different and make us stand out a bit. HAROO was inspired by a mix of an old Irish chant with some 300 mixed in. We say HAROO whenever something good happens with the guild or it's members. That could be someone gaining a level, burning down a Keep, or anything that is positive for the members of community.

A quote from FatGoat on 7/7/2009

"I have always tried to keep people entertained. As people already know or will know, it isn't always the game that keeps people coming back to log on each night after work. It is the community that keeps us all together and if we are all having fun then I am happy."

This tradition has been long standing since the beginning of the Acolytes and shall continue years into the future. Take pride in your Acolyte affiliation. Acolytes Rise. Fall. Rise Again!

Make sure you always obey Rule #5, no matter what!

"Never neglect your family or friends in real life. Make sure to give them the love and attention they need and make sure your spouse or significant other is always satisfied mentally, emotionally and sexually."

A Time Honored Tradition

HAROO of the Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg from the movie Gods and Generals.

Everyone is familiar with the 300 HAROO
About Acolytes
Apr 14, 2017
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