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Ashes of Creation - Eragus

My gaming history is reasonably similar to most. Starting out back in the dawn of time that was the late 80’s, I received my first gaming console at the grand age of 9, my Nintendo, the red rider BB gun in my life. That fateful Christmas propelled me into the world of gaming. Naturally I started with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, and then moved on through an eclectic array of other titles. I discovered my love of RPGs in Zelda. As the years went on I moved to PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 with a heavy focus on RPG titles. Although I loved RPGs, none of the titles ever seemed to fully satiate my needs till I came across Skyrim. Hundreds of hours and a couple years pass by; I needed to find out when the next Elder Scrolls was coming out. A buddy at work told me about this multiplayer version of Elder Scrolls that was coming out on PC in a few months’ time. Well…. never having gamed on PC before this was going to be a challenge as my PC at the time was little more then a glorified word processor. With the help of a friend I upgraded a video card here and a little ram there. I was in business.

ESO was my main game for years after, though I floundered for the first few months as a solo player in a multiplayer world till I was invited to a guild by the name of Storm Crows. Storm Crows were a small yet very active guild that, for the first time, made me feel like I was part of a community. I became an officer quickly do to my ambition to run our guild store and to help grow our community with active recruitment. Months passed. The guild’s GM met Hieru and negotiated a merger of sorts. I came over to the Acolytes as an officer when the roster had less then 30. I continued running the guild store and growing our ESO community. I found a home with the Acolytes.

I have backed Ashes of Creation, believing it to be the next great mmo, at a tier that will allow access to Alpha 1 and beyond, as well gives the ability to reserve our guild name. Even with Ashes being so far out from live, we are already involved in an official guild alliance by the name of Archive. I foresee many years of enjoyment to be had in Ashes with current and future Acolytes and our friends.

Currently I am heavily involved in D&D as a both a player and DM. I started playing online with a leader of one of our alliance guilds in Archive. This has been a great way to pass the time until launch while continually developing our gaming relationship. I was inspired to start a face to face group with friends. I’m really looking forward to playing Ashes and bringing more fun, likeminded people into our awesome gaming community.
Acolyte Leadership
Aug 29, 2017
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