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Acolytes Gaming

Greetings, adventurers.

The new region Drieghan is about to open its gates next week!

Many players are getting ready to be among the first to explore the land of the dragons and uncover its ancient mysteries. With this new update adventurers will be able to experience new content such as new quests, challenges, a new awakening weapon and a fierce crimson dragon waiting to face the bravest heroes! So get your equipment ready! Drieghan is coming on November 14th and today we would like to...

Drieghan Preview

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Map Voting Round 2 is upon us! Pick the final map that will represent your servers starting continent!

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Drip drip, the artists brush bleeds onto the canvas. Drip drop, it smears into ghastly shapes that take on a life of their own. A shriek of delight for Verra lives tonight!

Are you graphically or artistically inclined? Do your creations scare or make people gawk in awe? Use your talents to bring the world of Verra to life! We welcome graphic designs, pen and ink, paint or any other medium you choose so long as it is an original image. The winner will walk away with our no longer available Intrepid pack, full of next months frightful goodies!


Our Halloween Fan Art Event is a chance to go wild with your creativity, we hope to see all sorts of entries from our community but here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

  1. ...
Acolytes Gaming is raffling off a $50 Steam Gift Card. The Winner will be chosen on August 31st 2018.

The Steam Gift card will be gifted to you through Steam. Please make sure to have FatGoatHieru friended on Steam so he can find you easily if you win!


*If you have any questions or issue's entering please let FatGoatHieru know
Bless Online is part of the Steam Weeklong Deals starting today!

Through Steam Weeklong Deals, players can get a 67% discount and enjoy Bless Online for the amazing price of $9.89! (previous price: $29.99)

Make sure to get your hands on Bless and explore its vast world before the sale period ends!

Click on the link below for more information:

※ The sales period will take place from August 6th, 10:00 A.M. until August 13th, 10:00 A.M. (PDT)
※ The two types of Founder’s Pack Upgrade DLCs won’t be discounted.

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Production Update: From Pre To Alpha
By Vye
Hail and well met, Elyrians!

No doubt you have been salivating from the tempting tidbits Caspian introduced in the last Adventure Introduction and it's my pleasure to provide a progress report on those tidbits! Though the Quest for Alpha 1 is epic in scale, our current efforts can be broken down into a few different threads of delivery.

Exploring the Depths of Character Data
While characters had appearance data when we were working on the character creator, they were nothing more than a set of slider settings. At this point in the release, creating a character also creates or records your:

  • Birthdate & Age
  • Gender
  • Personal Destiny
  • Selected Soul
  • Skills (modified by the selected Soul)
  • Number of Previous Lives Lived
  • Spirit Remaining
  • True Identity
  • Character Attributes...
Hey all. This has been a long time in the making, but here is finally the non-bland article on Patch 5.0. Enjoy!

Western Hiram Mountains

In the Hidden Era, the Twelve Heroes first gathered to form the legendary expedition with the goal of finding the Garden, the rumored birthplace of the world. Unfortunately, following the great migration, all mana in Auroria was depleted, and as a result the expedition was left unfinished, with the mythical Garden yet to be found. Once the energy of Archeum had seeped into Auroria from the New World (Nuia and Haranya), the Garden was made further inaccessible to the civilizations of the Archeage world. But, unbeknownst to that of outsiders, a new, mysterious power rose in the Garden during this time. The Kirvatha (Or as they’re known in our version, the Corrupted from which Hiram gear drops) noticed it, and began to...

It has been quite some time since we launched Black Desert Online and none of this would have been possible without you.
To commemorate the passion and the time you spend with us, we kindly asked the Black Spirit to prepare a special present!
Now there is a surprise for each one of you:

On the anniversary day of your in-game Family creation, you will be able to find your own personal Birthday Cake in your in-game mail (B).


The Black Spirit celebrates your anniversary!

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Hi Folks,

Busy, busy, busy. Going to keep things brief this week so that we can focus on getting beta out the door! While we remain on track for our July 4th Beta 1 date, it’s very close. We need to do some rigorous testing, and make sure we’re ready.

This week, I had the pleasure of hosting our End of Week Wrap-Up and Q&A from the Seattle area studio with George. Unfortunately, we had to keep it short as we all have a lot to get done, and every minute counts. The pressure is on, but in the best of ways. The energy in the studio is incredible, we are all excited about how close we are. Although we are working harder than ever, everyone is laughing and joking, no death march here! We’ll be working through the weekend, and really hammering on the last pieces of the beta 1 list and beta bugs.

Let’s recap our Top Tenish!

Top Tenish:

  1. Beta in T Minus 12: Twelve Days. Its a number that is frightening, exciting, and super important to everyone here. We are...

TOP TWENTY! We broke twenty items this week in our Top Tenish list. Also, we’ve been seeing a lot of new Backers joining us in recent weeks, so a big WELCOME to you all. For any of you unfamiliar with our weekly updates, we break down the week’s work into highlights. This started out as our Top Ten, then as the team grew, became the Top Tenish, as we regularly had more than ten items that were worth mentioning. As we’ve gotten closer to our Beta 1 Day 1 date of July 4th, the number of weekly highlights has continued to creep up due to the team’s focus and hard work!

As mentioned in our previous weekly updates, we remain on track for our July 4th Beta 1 date, but just barely. We still have a lot of testing ahead of us to be truly ready. We want to come into that day strong, so please keep an eye out for our testing notifications.

We’re going to include this information one last time to make sure all our Backers are aware of our privacy policy changes:

If you missed our...